"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." 


- Anaïs Nin

Does the above quote resonate with you ? Are you feeling stuck, stagnated or empty ?

The discomfort of feeling stuck has become more intense than the comfort of your status quo ? That's great ! It's a powerful place to be in. Because it means you know deep down that there is more to you, more to life. And you are to step up to a new level of being and doing. Most people, when faced with these feelings, choose to numb them down by continuing to live in denial and distraction.

You, though, are choosing to take charge. You are on the brink of creating a breakthrough.

Hi, I'm Preeti Gopal, a Systemic life coach, 

I am dedicated to helping you create your breakthrough from feeling stuck and unfulfilled to a life of growth, meaning and fulfillment.


By empowering and facilitating you to start 'Living in Alignment'.

Living in Alignment is claiming your personal power to consciously align your beliefs, thoughts, words and actions to be congruent with your highest values and vision, consistently and sustainably.


Get clarity on your

values & vision

They serve as your North Star and guide your goals, decisions and actions

Improve your

energy levels 

Experience renewed energy and vitality to work every day towards your goals

Master your mindset & enhance self worth

Choose thoughts and responses that empower you and enhance your well being.

Make consistent progress towards your goals

Take consistent action by building powerful habits and routines


Purpose and fulfillment in work/career

Balance across key areas of life 

Productivity and time management 

Personal Growth and well being



" The coaching sessions were excellent. The coaching sessions were certainly of value to me. During coaching interactions, it was emphasized that any change that I want to make is entirely up to me. Hence I realize all the more that I am responsible for the outcomes of my actions or decisions. Coaching was very interactive, and a 2-way open communication.  It also gave me time to reflect/ think in detail. I started writing a daily gratitude and quotes journal, which helps to reflect on my day."

Prajakta, Managing Director, 

"I started coaching with Preeti a few months ago and over these months she has helped me tremendously. Her technique is as logical as it is intuitive. She has helped me realize the major beliefs that were holding me back. She has helped me become more authentic, more myself and that is the best outcome according to me."

Mallika, Psychologist and Holistic Healer