LEAD your life

Are you feeling stuck ? Do you want to make a change ?

But you feel like you..

.. don't know how

.. lack clarity 

.. lack confidence  

.. have got too comfortable 

So you're here..

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful that the risk it took to blossom."- Anaïs Nin

You're in the right place. I get you. I've been there..

I've learned that feeling stuck is often a sign that we're not using our innate personal power to consciously design and lead our lives in alignment with what matters most to us (our values and our vision)

Hi, I'm Preeti Gopal, 

I help you connect with your personal power to design and lead your life in alignment with your values and vision.


Through the art of Personal Leadership.


"Personal leadership is the process of keeping your vision and values before you and aligning your life to be congruent with them." - Dr Stephen Covey 


Personal leadership coaching results : 

  • Discover and connect with your core values and your vision (Your big why, purpose)

  • Set inspiring and fulfilling goals derived from your vision (What you truly want)

  • Get clarity on and break free of what may be blocking you (Reframe fears and beliefs)

  • Design a strategy roadmap towards your goals (who you need to be, what you need to do)  

  • Succesfully implement your strategy by taking consistent action through effective habits and behaviours 

  • Above all, love the process of growing into and discovering you at your best.

Areas of Impact :

  • Health and Energy

  • Career, Impact through your work

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Productivity and Time Managment

  • Relationship with Self

Reclaim your power to LEAD your life