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"Writing, like life itself, is a voyage of discovery."- Henry Miller


December 20, 2017

Oh moonlight

So pristine and bright

Stirring my soul

You move me to the core

When you flood me with your loving light

Ecstacy at its height

Pure magic and mystery

Emanating from your soft beauty

What is it that so strongly connects me to you

It must be the Divine that I see in you

Oh moonlight !

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November 29, 2017

Wow time really flies…2017, another year draws to a close. 


Isn’t there something in the air about this time of the year that almost compels you to reflect ? You look back on the year gone by and reflect upon what your life has been like this year.

What person have you been and become, what opportunities did you seize and make the most of, what did you let go off, how have you grown as a person, how did you make this precious time matter ?

The onset of a brand new year 2018 brings with it the promise of new beginnings,  new empowering perspectives, new oppor...

May 12, 2017

I believe the reason we set and achieve goals is not solely to achieve the goals per se. We set out achieving goals to experiment, to venture out, to experience our strengths, to face our fears, to push our boundaries, to put ourselves on the line and emerge as stronger, truer beings.

We choose our journey to our goals to come fully alive and get to know and experience our true selves better so that we may be free. Free from our limiting beliefs, free from the grip of our fears, free from our dependence on validation from the outside world, free to create,...

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